Amon Tobin: ISAM


3D Animation / Projection Mapping / Touring Production


Amon Tobin ISAM is an immersive audio visual show that has made a huge imprint on the world of electronic music over the last two years. Its groundbreaking design and integration of interactive projection mapping pushed the boundaries the medium to new levels. Headed up by CEO and Director Vello Virkhaus and the team at V Squared Labs in collaboration with Amon Tobin, set designer Vitamotus, technical producer Alex Lazarus and Leviathan.


First premiered at the prestigious Mutek in June of 2011. Then toured the US and Europe for the remainder of the year. ISAM Live started off 2012 with rapturous response at two Coachella headline performances this year. Overseas, a sold-out night at London’s Brixton Academy was shortly followed by a tour run in Australia, which included two sold-out back-to-back performances at the iconic Sydney Opera House in June. The performances, which were streamed live from Sydney, accumulated over 500,000 views. ISAM additionally made a hugely celebrated appearance at Sonar festival in Barcelona on June 15th 2012.


The show has been widely publicized and won numerous press accolades in magazines such as Wired, Fast Company, LA Times, Chicago Reader and Rolling Stone.


Deliverables: Creative Direction, Content Creation, 3d Animation, System Programming, System Installation, VJ Services


Show Credits



Live Visual Experience

Amon Tobin

Music, Concept and Artistic Direction

Project Manager: Jeff Waye, Ninja Tune

Director: Vello Virkhaus

Producer: Anastasia King Jaress

Lead Touch Designer Artists for VSL: Peter Sistrom, Bryant Place

Animation: Carlo Sa “Intro” “Deep Jinx” “Bedtime Stories” “Dropped from the Sky” and 3D Mapping Effects

Animation: Davy Force “Night Swim” “Bedtime Stories 2.0”

Animation: Jordan Halsey “Deep Jinx” “Razorback”

Animation: Andrew Gura “Deep Jinx”

Animation: Bryant Place “Surge” “Dropped from the Sky”

Animation: Emilio Sa “Slowly”

Animation, Show System Program & VJ: Peter Sistrom “Lost and Found” “Intro” “Transitions” “Razorback”

Case Study Editor: Emile van de Coevering

Live Camera: Davy Force, Mathew “Smitty” Smith, Evan Pierre, Emile van de Coevering

Camera Operator: John Lynch

PA: Vicky Huang

Technical Support: Sam Park (GoPogo)

LEVIATHAN Animation and Technology

Executive Producer: Chad Hutson

Executive Creative Director: Jason White

Chief Scientist & Director: Matt Daly

Creative Director: Bradon Webb

Producer: Brandy Olson

Derivative Consultant: Jarret Smith


Executive Producer and Technical Director: Alex Lazarus

Concept Designer, Production Designer, Art Director : Heather Shaw

Vita Motus Design Studio

Set Construction: Stefano Novelli


Thank you everyone for your support of EDM and Visual Art.


©2013 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc.


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