Don Diablo Hexagon

Amsterdam Dance Event

Projection Mapping / Touring Production

The Don Diablo Hexagon experience features human visual interaction and projection mapping technologies on a holographic scrim. “I have always been looking for a way to implement my music videos and other exciting visual elements into an innovating live show. Together with L.A. based company V Squared Labs and creative director Emile van de Coevering, we worked on a new show for almost a years that we are now ready to road test. We will be doing our first official showcase at this years Amsterdam Dance Event and are super excited to share our vision with the world for the first time!”


– Don Diablo


Deliverables: Creative Direction, Technical Direction, Set Design, CAD Support, Content Creation, System Programming


Show Credits


Don Diablo: Hexagon

Live Visual Experience

Music, Concept and Artistic Direction

Project Manager: Vello Virkhaus

Creative Director: Emile Van Coevering

Producer: Chris Kraft

TouchDesigner Artists for VSL: Peter Sistrom, Max Chang, Evan Pierre

TouchDesigner Assist: Amanda Hamilton

Animation: Carlo Sa, Emile Van Coevering, Slade Smith, and Mike Estacio

Set Design and CAD: Amanda Hamilton

Fabrication: Stefano Novelli


©2013 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc.


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