Germany’s Next Top Model

Television Visuals

Projection Mapping

Collaborating with the amazing production designer Florian Weider and designer Wolfgang Milan the team at VSL implemented 3D projection mapping and content creation for the US segments of this television show.


Show Credits

Germany’s Next Top Model


Producer: Dominik Valtin – Tresor TV

Executive Producer: Thomas Gulzow – Tresor TV

Production Designer: Florian Weider

Fabrication: Wolfgang Milan

Director: Vello Virkhaus

Animation Director: Emile Van Coevering

Producer: Anastasia King

Asst Producer: Dustin Highbridge

Touch Designer Lead: Peter Sistrom

VJ: Peter Sistrom, Emile Van Coevering, Max Chang

Animation: Escapation, Carlo Sa


Big Thanks to Florian Weider


©2013 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc.

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