Heineken Night Club Visuals

Interactive Experience

Content Creation


Engaged by Corso Communications the creative team at VSL was charged with the development of a visual package that attracted viewers across numerous markets featuring Heineken products and identity in a modern, and musical fashion. Two different HD visual pieces were created one featuring the new HALU bottle and its trans-formative capabilities, and the second featuring music driven modernist motion. The works have played at numerous festivals, bars, conferences and other Heineken activations across the US market.


Show Credits


Heineken Night Club and Halu Visuals

Corso Communications

Executive Producer: Vello Virkhaus & David Corso

VP Production: Eric Milner

Graphic Designer: Chip Chipman

Creative Director: Emilio Sa & Carlo Sa

Animation Director: Ruben Van Leer

Animation: Westframe and V Squared Labs


©2013 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc.


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