McAfee Focus

Security Conference

3D Animation / Experiential Marketing / Multimedia Installation / Projection Mapping


V Squared Labs has a long term collaboration with Executive Visions. Together they created a beautiful platform of high quality animation and sound design for the McAfee Focus Conferences. EVI and V Squared Labs work together every step of the way from creative designs to final delivery. For the 2013 conference in addition to the experiential content package V Squared Labs and EVI produced a projection mapped set design. The design included two mapped sculptures with surrounding video screens. V Squared Labs also collaborated on a corresponding layout of LED tiles for the space. The event consisted of a two-day security conference with the top CEOs of various software companies in attendance. The animated content for these structures added a beautiful high-tech moving element to the production and established a visual flow from one side of the stage to the other. Our team integrated content creation across a mix of surfaces from LED, blended projectors to mapped sculptures.


Deliverables: Set Design, CAD support, 3d Animation, System Programming, System Installation


Show Credits


McAfee Focus Conference 2013

Client: Executive Visions

EVI Executive Producer: Michael Marto

EVI Creative Director: Steve Baggett

EVI Production Designer: Keith Elliot

Director: Vello Virkhaus

Producer: Chris Kraft

Production Manager: Andi Perez

Set Design: Amanda Hamilton

Fabrication: Tony Lamecker, StageHouse LV

System Programming: Peter Sistrom

Animation: Carlo Sa, Roy Cullen and Jordan Halsey

Animation Assist: Annalise Murphy and Slade Smith

Production Assistant: Art Perez-Mathison


©2013 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc.


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