Paul Oakenfold

DJ Clubbing Experience

3D Animation / Content Creation

The Journey to Planet Perfecto. With the arrival of Paul Oakenfold’s first multi-year US residency came the need to take the DJ and clubbing experience to the next level for the Palms. Top executives at the N9NE group chose V Squared Labs to help expand the nightclub into the experiential visual realm. Multiple audio visual narrative compositions and characters were created to tell the story of Planet Perfecto and its unique inhabitants. The residency ran for numerous years starting in 2008 and helped transport EDM clubbing into the future.


Show Credits


Perfecto Presents

Paul Oakenfold US DJ Residency

Music Director: Paul Oakenfold

Client:  N9NE Group

Executive Producer: Michael Fuller

Director: Vello Virkhaus, Stephen Eachon

Sound Design: Stephen Eachon

Producer: Michael Shores

Art Direction: Roxy Tronic, Stephen Eachon, Gila La

Character and Airbrush Art: Hans Haveron

System Programmer and Design: Vello Virkhaus

Lighting and Production Design: Stephen Lieberman

Animation: Davy Force, Ergin Kuke, Angst VFX, Mat Hale


©2013 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc.


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