Red Bull Flight Deck

Ultra Music Festival

3D Animation / Music Festivals

Red Bull Flight Deck, Ultra Music Festival, Miami 2012

Red Bull and Corso Communications teamed up with V Squared Labs to create animated visual art that showcased Red Bull’s 3 new beverage flavors. Red, Blue and Silver edition cans were created in Cinema4D and Lightwave 3D animation software. The can models were built to transform revealing futuristic, glowing speakers inside.

The Red Bull Flight Deck transformed the Ultra Music Festival front of house control structure into a private viewing platform which was surrounded by LED video screens. The Flight Deck platform provided a VIP viewing experience for concert attendees and introduced them to the brand in a dynamic, music responsive fashion. Our VJ team performed live on the flight deck mixing these custom visuals with live camera footage for intense 12 hour sets.

Show Credits


RedBull Flight Deck

Client: Corso Communications

Executive Producer: David Corso

Producer: Anastasia King, Chris Kraft

Asst Producer: Andi Perez

Director: Vello Virkhaus

3D Animation: Davy Force, Carlo Sa

Touch Design Programmer: Max Chang

VJ: Vello Virkhaus, Max Chang, Peter Sistrom, Arturo Perez

Event Photography:Vello Virkhaus

Special thanks to UMF TV for additional footage

©2013 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc.


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