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NightClub Visuals

3D Animation / Content Creation


Scores Atlantic City property at The Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City NJ. Unexpected, uninhibited and unparalleled entertainment environment.

V Squared Labs in collaboration with Sound Investments was put to the task of creating all video content and integrating visual performance systems throughout the clubs intriguing venues. This design challenge included five different rooms with a wide array of HD televisions and LED video display surfaces. V Squared Labs senior producer Chris Kraft lead the charge on the live action production with over 6 days of  photography acquired in 4K digital resolution. The entire VSL team collaborated at a very high level integrating multiple shooting spaces, visual themes, green screen and practical acquisition techniques. Elaborate computer graphics worlds were created starring the variety of actors/actresses filmed. Using Resolume Arena and Brightsign server technology we deployed the hours of original visual material through the diverse entertainment spaces enabling real time visual performance for operations.


Deliverables: Creative Direction, Video Content, 3D Animation, System Engineering and Installation


Show Credits


Scores Nightclub

Client: Executive Visions

Executive Producer: Mark Yackow, Bob Ganz

Director: Vello Virkhaus

Producer: Chris Kraft, Andi Perez

VSL Creative Director: Carlo Sa

ICrave Creative Director: Jesse Macdougall

Lighting Director: Steve Lieberman

Crew for Shoot #1

Tech Equipment: Todd Konecny

Production Manager: Alana Dillon

Director of Photography: Troy Smith

1st AC: Julius Graham

DIT: Tyler Getno-Zeller

Phantom Tech: Michael May

Lead Animator/2nd Unit Cameraman: Carlo Sa

2nd Unit Cameraman: Matthew Smith

Gaffer: Bryan Taylor

Production Design: ICrave

BB Electric: Dave Russel

Lamp Operator: Billy Gunn

Electric: Eric Stillions

Key Grip: Dejon Ellis

BB Grip: Bill Bridges Jr.

Jimmy Jib: Joe Walsh

Dolly Grip: Paul Riviera

Grip: Scott Blackwood

Make Up: Marisol Mejia

Hair: Hector Pocasngre

Make-up/Hair Asst: Karen Mena, Crystal Solorio

Wardrobe Stylist: Houston Sams

Wardrobe Assistant: Io Perry

Art Director: Jeremy Carmone

Prop Master: Charlie McIntosh

Leadman: Raul Cordon

Craft Service: Scott McClain

Office PA: Adama Elder

Truck PA: Gade De Sanantana

Production Assistants: Mitch Steel, Mike Estacio, Slade Smith

Security: Randy Moore

Stage/Camera: Digital Film Studios

Production Supplies: Apache

Trucking: Galpin

Dolly: JL Fisher

Models: Mosh, Vera Vikanova, Clark Gilmer, Dania Estrada, Melissa Isaac, Tara Beaulieu, Reiko Makino, Jasmine Waltz, Chelsea Pereira, Erin Hogan, Brooklyn Haart, Carly Tway, Tatiana Dekhtyar, Amia, Viva Celso, Annika Pampel, Ariko Sato, Aisa Wilde, Tatiana Seligman, Lance Baird, Leo Degart, Andy Ashton, Jason Newsome, Richie Nuzzolese

Crew For Shoot #2

Animator/Director: Davy Foss

Animator/Director: Carlo Sa

Assistant Production Supervisor: Mitch Steele

Director of Photography: Jon Tucker

1st Assistant Camera: Paul Auerbach

Gaffer: Justin Garcia

Art Director: Nigel Mitchell

Make Up: Deborah Chung, Alma Angliano

Hair: Karissa

Wardrobe Stylist: Adama Elder

Production Assistant: Art Perez, Slade Smith

Models: Tara Lynn Foxx, Keira Winters, Justine Jolie, Danny Mountain, Katie Parker, Brooklyn Chase, Cassidey, J Smooth

Animators: Carlo Sa, Davy Foss, Tristan Maduro, Chris Villa

Editor: Matthew “Smitty” Smith

Offsite Programming: Evan Pierre, Max Chang

Onsite Programming: Evan Pierre, Derek


©2013 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc.


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