The Skrillex Cell

Mothership Tour

3D Animation / Projection Mapping / Touring Production


The Skrillex Cell is a multidisciplinary touring production that mixes 3D
projection mapping and real-time motion capture for live performance.

Collaborating closely with Production Club, Phil Reyneri, Leviathan, and Blood Compa the V Squared team helped bring the Skrillex Cell to life.  V Squared Labs created custom animation for real-time projection mapping and generative, audio-reactive effects using elements of the proprietary V Squared Labs Epic 3D mapping video server.


Show Credits


Sonny Moore – Executive Producer

Tim Smith – Executive Producer

Dave Navarro – Director/Art Director

Miguel Garcia Risueno – Technical Director

Corey Johnson – Producer/Production Manager

Vello Virkhaus – Consulting Producer / V Squared Labs

Mat Daly – Consulting Producer & Animator / Leviathan

Phil Reyneri – TouchDesigner Programmer

Stefano Novelli – Lead Fabricator

Peter Sistrom – VFX Designer / V Squared Labs

Mat Hale – Character Modeling & Rigging / Imag8nineteen

Jose Fèlix Lucia – Lead UDK Developer

William Kladis – UDK VFX Artist

Scott Pagano – Animator

Carlos Sa – Animator / V Squared Labs

Jaume Creus – Animator

Jordi Pagès – Animator

Emile Van De Coevering – Animator / V Squared Labs

Adam Murray – SFX Director / BPM SFX


Robert Dyar – Tour Manager

Baptiste Chavaillaz – Touring Production Manager

Phil Reyneri – System Operator

Andy Nissley – Lighting Designer

Jesse Nikette – Video Operator

David Wexler – Video Operator

Andrew Gold – / DJ Tech

Music for Promotional Purposes Only.


Thank you everyone for your support of EDM and Art!

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