Sound Nightclub

Hollywood, CA

Projection Mapping / VJ Performance

The interior or Sound Nightclub takes you into another world. Built with layers of deep dark redwood and banisters made from old railroad ties, a plethora of 3D video screens surround the dance floor, allowing the club to transform the environment from one week to the next. It’s the kind of flexibility that allows Muse owner Rob Vinokur to realize his dream of a nightclub that can truly transform itself from week to week – the 3D screens will give clubgoers the illusion of being in a whole other world.

V Squared Labs in collaboration with Derivative designed a prototype node based 3D mapping system to drive 9 HD outputs in realtime. Working with lighting from SJ Lighting and design inspiration from iCrave we honed in on the aesthetic style of the environment. The system was built from the ground up on top of the VSL EPIC VJ software in Touch Designer 077. Advanced digital controls allow the VJ to perform in 3D mapped space in virtual scenes.

Show Credits


Muse Lifestyle Group

Chief Operations Officer: Rob Vinokur

Operations: Kobi Danan

Marketing: Megan Gaver


Interior Design: iCrave

Lighting Design: Stephen Lieberman

Sound System: Sound Investments

V Squared Labs

3D Projection Mapping

Director: Vello Virkhaus

Producer: Anastasia King

EPIC Programming: Max Chang, Evan Pierre, Peter Sistrom, Jarrett Smith

3D Modeling & Projection Design: Julie Hardin, Amanda Hamilton, Peter Sistrom

©2012 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc.



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