XS Nightclub

Wynn Encore

3D Animation / Multimedia Installation

XS Nightclub

V Squared Labs in partnership with Tandem Digital helped the team at Wynn’s XS Nightclub create experiential visual art and new VJ software effects. The goal of this project was to refresh the visual identity and upgrade the custom media server effects for new and existing LED screen surfaces. Rich, decadent, lush golden visuals were created to seamlessly integrate into the clients vivid environment.

The VJ and management team of XS nightclub uses a custom build of V Squared Labs EPIC mk4 Touch Designer based media server in daily operations. The open source, collaborative infrastructure of the software allows their VJ Michael Carman to perform interactively to music using Midi controllers and Audio data to drive real time effects. EPIC was one of the first LED mapping VJ tools to utilize the architectural structure of the LED screens to create procedural, 3D mapped spatial effects. This geometry is capable of being grouped and sequenced in complex speed controllable chase patterns. Hence our original naming of the module, chasers. Since then the software and unique looks have inspired countless VJ’s to push the boundaries of the medium even further.

Matt Guertin headed development and re programming of the Touch based application creating an entirely new chaser system called space effects. This latest system has advanced sequencing and spatial pattern creation abilities beyond any application on the market for visual performance. XS nightclub is a truly unique, flagship experience.

Check out some stills below:

Deliverables: Experiential Design, Content Creation, Programming and Installation

Show Credits

XS Nightclub Animation Production

Client: Wynn Enterprises

WYNN Executive Director of Operations: Ryan Jones

WYNN Director of Nightlife: Alex Cordova

XS Technical Director: Matty Olson

XS Creative Director and Live Operator: Michael Carman

Executive Producer: Sandra Stokes

Creative Director: Vello Virkhaus

3D Animation: Scott Pagano, John Federico, Tony Grisey, Vello Virkhaus, Aviv Studios Mx, Ben Stokes, Dev Harlan

Lead Visual System Programming: Matt Guertin

Photography: Vello Virkhaus

3D Previz and DJ Booth Design: Tait

©2017 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc. & Tandem Digital


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