Ultra Music Festival Japan 2016

Ultra Music Festival Japan

Ultra’s resident visual artist Vello Virkhaus traveled to Tokyo Japan to perform using vsquaredlabs custom EPIC touch designer software. Complex LED pixel mapping was setup by Julie Hardin with lots of additional presets to choose from in the system. Ultra Japan was an amazing experience with by far the best production team I have ever worked with anywhere in the world. This event was a part of the largest group of events Ultra Worldwide has executed to date, making the festival one of the largest international festival brands in the world.

Click the link below to check out a live set on UMF TV that really shows off the amazing stage in a simple, very audio responsive way.

Fedde Le Grand Live @ Ultra Japan 2016 with VJ Vello Virkhaus

Big Grams Microsoft

Ideas at the Intersection of Art & Technology

V Squared Labs team featured in several interesting videos with Big Grams.

Check out the features below.

Microsoft “Music X Technology”

Music X Technology Microsoft

Live Nation TV “Anatomy of a Show”

Live Nation TV “Anatomy of a Show”

Zhu- HARD DOTD Audio Visual Experience



Perfectly positioned after sunset, the enigmatic LA artist’s North American debut was a memorable and immersive audiovisual experience. Enclosed within impressive visuals on a custom stage designed by V Squared Labs, ZHU enthralled a sizable crowd on the HARDer Stage with a mix of unreleased material and favorites from The Nightday EP.


News Articles on ZHU Audio Visual Experience:


Zhu LA Times


Zhu Dancing Astronaut


Zhu LA Weekly


Infected Mushroom Live At Coachella

Projects like these make me proud to be part of the V Squared Labs crew.
It’s amazing how much work everybody put in to this.

All our legendary animators where working around the clock to make this audiovisual “experience” happen.
We could talk about this for hours, but sometimes you just have to see it for your self.

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