Audi A3 Launch Afterparty

Design Concepts

Content Creation / Experiential Marketing

V Squared Labs was commissioned by MKG Marketing to design a performance space and immersive visual show for the Audi A3 Launch Party. Under tight deadlines, our team designed and delivered three completely different creative concepts for various venues, incorporating Audi guidelines and looks.




We focused on visuals and lighting elements that would captivate the viewer and make them feel apart of the experience. In the first design, a very Audi-inspired outdoor stage was created to display the A3 vehicles and surround the audience with visuals and concert lighting. In the second design, pixel-mapped overhead light sculptures were were laid out in a radial pattern. These sculptures were inspired from the Audi OLED triangle taillight animations and created a dynamic visual ceiling. Surrounding the performers we proposed a circular scrim that would display volumetric holographic visuals and an array of beam lights that would bounce off overhead mirrors into the space. In the final design, an explosion of LED rings stemming from the visuals themselves radiate out and over the audience into a pattern of LED rings, tubes and other effects fixtures.

Deliverables: Creative Direction, Production Design

©2014 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc.

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