Big Grams

United States

Touring Production

Big Boi + Phantogram = Big Grams

Big Grams 2016 touring involves audio reactive experience visuals. The touring production was created by our team of unique artists here at V Squared Labs. Utilizing Microsoft Kinect Sensor technology combined with high end computer graphics, the show performs and reacts in real-time.

Big Grams management Jim Petosa and John Scholz approached V Squared Labs to create a dynamic visual, reactive experience. This experience was realized on a very tight time table and has evolved into a robust, touring and improvisational visual system. Our programming team created a framework that could expand and grow with the artists and management teams involved. This flexibility is what becomes a relationship between artistic mediums and spatial forms.

The custom framework is run in Touch Designer using luminosity real-time fluid and particle simulations among other effects. Powerful interactive scenes layer together live to the musical flow of the performance.

Big Grams

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