CA Lottery: Lady Luck Live

Nokia Plaza

Experiential Design

V Squared Labs in collaboration with David&Goliath brought Lady Luck to life by creating the first ever real-time, augmented reality experience for the launch of the million dollar California Black Exclusive Scratchers® tickets and the “Luck Will Find You” Campaign. Up until now the California Lottery’s Lady Luck character had only existed as a mysterious, supernatural woman finding lucky Californians in TV spots.

Using a mix of live TV production and augmented reality, the mysterious, figment of luck magically appeared on a massive LED screen at L.A. Live, interacting with a feed of the unsuspecting bystanders in the plaza below. In order to make the experience as seamless as possible, entertainment and visual effects company V Squared Labs created a custom software platform to react to real-­‐time interactions and mishaps.

This level of interactive technology has never been done before. Not only was the actress portraying “Lady Luck” on a green screen, engaging with the crowd in real time, but the ante was upped by having set times to go live and nail the performance before the next advertisement went on. Similar to the way a live TV production is shot, after each performance the scene was reset and the crew waited for the next commercial break to go live again.


Deliverables: Creative Direction, Production Services, 3d Animation, Content Creation, Real-Time Programming, System Programming, On-Site Delivery


Show Credits



Augmented Reality Stunt

CA State Lottery

Client: David&Goliath Marketing Agency

DNG Chief Creative Officer: David Angelo

DNG Executive Creative Director: Collin Jeffery

DNG Creative Director: Eron Broughton

DNG Art Director: Shaun Wright

DNG Copywriter: Peter Hughes

VSL Creative Director: Vello Virkhaus

VSL Producer: Chris Kraft

VSL Production Manager: Andi Perez

VSL Director of Photography: Troy Smith

VSL Lead VFX Programmer: Keith Lostracco

VSL VFX Programmers: Peter Sistrom, Max Chang, Evan Pierre

VSL Lead Animator: John Frederico

VSL Architectural Designer: Amanda Hamilton

VSL Stage Manager: Zora Wolter

VSL Prop Master: Arturo Perez

VSL PA: Chris Kimball

VSL Intern: Marisa Perkins

Prop Box Fabrication and Mechanics: Stefano Novelli

Clover Mat Printing: George Collins, Collins Visual Media


©2014 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc.


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