Bud Light – Digital Dreams

Interactive Activations

3D Animation / Music Festivals

The team at V Squared Labs created several animated and interactive activations for Live Nation and Bud Light. The hero animated piece traveled through space in a dream motif landing on a fantasy world. The hero 3D animation, logo and countdown played in between set changes and before the headlining act each evening. We also created a Bud Light Zero Gravity feature that captured audience members in slow motion jumping on a green screen and flew them through space in real time.


Deliverables: Show Branding Animations, System Programming, System Installation, VJ Services


Show Credits



Client: Live Nation Canada

Production and Lighting Design: SJ Lighting

Executive Events Producer: Ryan Howes

Director: Vello Virkhaus

Producers: Chris Kraft & Andi Perez

System Programming: Keith Lostracco, Peter Sistrom, Evan Pierre and Max Chang

Animation: Carlo Sa, John Federico, Art Perez

Sound Design: Henry Strange

VJ: Owen Bush, Vello Virkhaus, Keith Lostracco, Jonathan Bernbaum


©2014 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc.


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