Dillon Francis

The Gary Tour

Content Creation / Touring Production


V Squared Labs teamed up with Dillon Francis to create a new stage show that allows Dillon to appear as if he is DJing from inside a unique yet characteristic Frank Gehry inspired structure. Abstract shapes were created on two planes, one in front of Dillon and one behind. Through twists and torques, they were given depth and spatial substance to create a visually stimulating and fully three dimensional video sculpture. In an effort to give the visuals abstract spaces to live in within the set, we designed an array of openings in various configurations that correlate with the 3D shapes. These voids, which narrow towards the LED, were then lined with a highly reflective mirrored vinyl to bounce the video out into the audience while still keeping the formal integrity of the piece. These twisted reflections create a funky, almost psychedelic paradox of continuing content onto faces that don’t originally (and can’t) contain video.


Visual inspiration came from several sources including our own animation artists who worked on the show. A lot of style and color reference came from the Pizza Slime crew. We used their art direction and Dillon’s existing unique visuals as a starting point to explore new styles. The fragmented nature of the set opened new creative possibilities for deconstructed 8-bit patterns and twisted faces. We discovered amazing things in our first viewings of our animation on the art and evolved new looks from our live programming. Very colorful primary looks created stunning reflections.


Deliverables: Creative Direction, Production and Lighting Design, CAD support, 3D Animation, Content Creation, System Programming, VJ Services

©2014 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc.

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