ESPN Super Bowl Party 2015


Content Creation / Projection Mapping

ESPN Super Bowl Party 2015. Event Eleven hired V Squared Labs to help concept and execute a large scale 3D projection mapped scenic backdrop for the event. To execute this vision Director Vello Virkhaus brought together an interdisciplinary team composed of architectural designers, computer animators and touch designer programmers. This luscious desert themed backdrop served as a way to elegantly display themed client branding, digital scenic artworks and audio reactive visual music backdrop.

Tying in to the environment design themes created by Event Eleven the V Squared Labs team came up with the visual theme of “Hip Desert Chic” To execute the animation component of the project Virkhaus hired Mat Hale to create day and night desert back drops that simulated time lapse animations. These landscape animations included clouds moving, dusty tumble weeds, scorpions exiting their holes to move around and strike at the crowd. The nighttime environment had candles and electric lights dancing in the sky.¬† Our team used the wide screen format animations created along with real time 3D projection mapping and detailed architectural models to take this project from concept sketch to reality for a Super Bowl touch down.

ESPN Westworld 2015 Superbowl Party

Time Lapse of ESPN Super Bowl Event

The beauty of the production environment designed by Event Eleven is shown clearly in the amazing photos by Line 8 Photography.

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