Heineken Dome Experience

United States, Music Festivals

Content Creation / Experiential Marketing / VJ Performance

Heineken Dome Experience was created by Corso Communications and V Squared Labs in a long running strategic partnership. The immersive experience toured the music festival market of the USA creating an unparalleled brand activation. Utilizing real time and virtual reality computer graphics our team of unique collaborators created, installed and performed this environment in truly crowd activating immersion.

Heineken Dome Experience has played at many nationwide festivals including the legendary, Ultra Music Festival, Coachella, Firefly and Outsidelands. Utilizing our own real time 360 degree version of our EPIC VJ software written in Touch Designer we perform 360 visuals to a wide variety of musical talent in the dome. The activation has been a huge success for Heineken and wowed festival crowds nationwide.

Check out the links below to get a more comprehensive idea of the project.

Firefly Festival Heineken Dome

Innovative Dome Experience @ Coachella

Inside The Coachella Heineken Dome

360 Visual Dome

©2016 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc.

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