Hyundai Grammys Lounge

Los Angeles, CA

3D Animation / Experiential Marketing / Multimedia Installation

Hyundai Grammys Amplifier Lounge is a project brought to us two years in a row by GreenLight Media and Marketing. The lounge was situated in the lobby of the Los Angeles Convention Center. The environment hosted guests of the official Grammys after party celebration. The immersive space drew guests in with LED visual art, animated lighting and rich reflections. The LED screens displayed a combination of animation and documentary footage. The space was partitioned into three sections by custom lit Hyundai logo columns. The exterior sandblasted panels depicted graphic images of the curators in the amplifier program. Parabolic speakers immersed the audience into selective sonic zones. The overhead space was illuminated by an array of vintage incandescent bulbs. An attendee favorite was a custom-designed Grammy Amplifier logo light sculpture. The interior of the A sculpture was illuminated by animated LED tape.


Making our design a reality was a collaborative effort between the GreenLight team, Illuminode, AG Lighting, Collins Visual Media and V Squared Labs. Together, we designed and constructed a space enclosed entirely with black shiny acrylic and LED lighting. Dynamic visuals, ambient lighting, and custom structures combined with abundant reflections provided a vibrant atmosphere for party-goers to experience and enjoy.


Deliverables: Project Design, CAD support, 3d Animation, Content Creation, Lighting Programming, System Programming, System Installation


Show Credits



Immersive Visual Experience

Official Hyundai Grammy After-Party Celebration

Client: GreenLight Media and Marketing

GL VP of Experiential: Courtney Skiba

GL Manager of Experiential: Claudia Lee

GL Lead Creative: Marc Wasfi

GL Creative Director: Nick Davidge

GL Account Manager: James Aardahl

GL Junior Creative: Kittaya Treseangrat

VSL Director: Vello Virkhaus

VSL Producer: Chris Kraft

VSL Production Manager: Andi Perez

VSL Architectural Designer: Amanda Hamilton

VSL Assistant Designer: Brian Lawler

VSL Lead Animator: Carlo Sa

VSL Touch Designer Artist / System Programmer: Peter Sistrom

VSL Engineers and Madrix Programming: Evan Pierre and Max Chang

VSL PA: Arturo Perez

LED and Construction: AG Lighting

Logo Sculpture Engineering and Fabrication: George Collins, Collins Visual Media

Logo Sculpture LED Lighting: Illuminode

Sandblasted Artist Panels: George Collins, Collins Visual Media

Bar Fabrication: Stefano Novelli


©2014 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc.


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