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EDC Behind The Screens is an amazing document of the visual journey through EDC Las Vegas and the amazing artistic collaborations we ventured off on to arrive at what is now EDC 2013.

V Squared Labs team, Vello Virkhaus and many other amazing artists have been honored to be the resident visual artists at almost every major Insomniac EDM Rave festival produced since the late 90’s. V Squared Labs has provided VJ talent, original visual art, artist visual programming, content relations, advanced digital engineering, live camera switching and many other things to the amazing Insomniac team. Having collaborated over the years with Pasquale Rotella, Forrest Hunt, SJ Lighting, Stephen Eachon, Felix Lighting, Visions Lighting, OVT Visuals, Fader, CPU, Escapation, Accent Creative, Jesse Nikette and many many other amazing artists.

The rise of Electronic Dance Music and the era of experiential entertainment. We have performed at EDC Las Angeles, EDC Las Vegas, EDC New York, Nocturnal Wonderland, Beyond Wonderland, Escape from Wonderland, White Wonderland and select Insomniac Enhanced Concert Series. Big thanks to all the DJ’s, composers, musicians, production artists and collaborators who have made these events amazing.

Thank you everyone for your support of EDM and Art!

©2013 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc.

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