Kiss Kiss a Go Go

Tropicana Atlantic City, NJ

Experiential Design

Kiss Kiss a Go Go nightclub by famed nightlife innovator Ivan Kane has arrived in Atlantic City at Tropicana! Kane has launched his newest nightclub vision inside the Quarter at the celebrated boardwalk casino. The nightclub takes inspiration from neon fueled nights of Bangkok go go bars, and takes attendees on a trip down the rabbit hole. V Squared Labs collaborated with Ivan Kane to create a unique, evocative, endlessly evolving visual art centerpiece for his property.

In order to create an ever evolving visual work, we took inspiration and concurrently pay homage to photographic montage art and our favorite video artist Nam Jun Paik. The idea for this piece was to create new organic patterns using only imagery of lips. We filmed over 27 lip actions per makeup look, per model in order to create a large enough palette to play with in a montage style. Actions ranged from licking to playing with erotic props. Everything filmed was solely focused on our talents lips. The original videography was filmed at V Squared Labs and featured Dale Johnson’s unique lip art makeup, with numerous styles of adornment.

Once principal photography was done our team created a unique sorting and rendering engine inside of Keith Lostracco’s Luminosity software to deal with over 1500 pieces of content, that form this dynamic visual canvas. Collaborating with Jason Volenc and Ivan Kane we advised on a design for the TV wall set piece. This set piece mounts in front of a high resolution LED screen with specialized glow channels for knobs and vents. Our idea was to simulate an old video wall made out of vintage tube televisions. Using LED pixel mapping we were able to create glowing knobs, vents and outlines that can change patterns and looks through out the evening.

This unique visual art piece is the centerpiece of the club and perfectly enhances the fantasy nature of the environment.

Deliverables: Photography, Animation, Content Creation, System Programming and Permanent Installation

©2016 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc.

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