McAfee Focus Conference

Las Vegas, NV

3D Animation / Projection Mapping



V Squared Labs has maintained a long term 10 year working collaboration with Executive Visions and McAfee / Intel Security. Together the respective teams have created extremely high resolution speaker support visuals, eye candy loops, stunning intro sequences, 3D mapping and many types of graphic design in motion for the annual conference in Las Vegas. The works created have been showcased live on immersive visual screens and in the McAfee worldwide corporate headquarters on plasma monitors in the lobby.

The McAfee Focus Conference is typically a two or three day event with the top CEOs of various software companies in attendance. The show features 90+ sessions over the course of the event and is historically held in Las Vegas. Large Expo Hall’s host series of Turbo Talks and a great variety of vendor booths to peruse.

At the 2013 McAfee Focus conference V Squared Labs and EVI produced a projection mapped set design in addition to the experiential content package. The design included two mapped sculptures with surrounding video screens. V Squared Labs also collaborated on a corresponding layout of LED tiles for the space. The animated content for these structures added a beautiful high-tech moving element to the production and established a visual flow from one side of the stage to the other. Our team integrated content creation across a mix of surfaces from LED, blended projectors to mapped sculptures.

2014 through 2016 saw dramatic changes in both art direction and further brand merger with Intel Security.

Shown below are a collection of some of our favorite images from the past 10 years of experiential visuals created.


Show Credits


McAfee Focus Conference Series

Client: Executive Visions

EVI Executive Producer: Michael Marto

EVI Creative Director: Steve Baggett

EVI Production Designer: Keith Elliot

Director: Vello Virkhaus

Director: Greg Russell

Producers: Chris Kraft, Anastasia King, Andi Perez

Set Design: Amanda Hamilton

Fabrication: Tony Lamecker, StageHouse LV

System Programming: Peter Sistrom, Keith Lostracco, Evan Pierre, Max Chang

Animation: Carlo Sa, Roy Cullen, Jordan Halsey, Tandem Digital, John Federico

Animation Assist: Annalise Murphy and Slade Smith


©2017 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc.


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