Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas

Ceasars Palace, San Diego

3D Animation / Experiential Design / Multimedia Installation

Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas is one of our biggest and most complex endeavors, showcasing interactive visual effects and ultra high-definition 3D animations. To complete this project we embarked on an extensive production offering featuring original animation and complex, large scale interactive visual art.

For the immersive animations our team created the direction of over 20 unique visual art theme collections which serve to highlight the unique architecture of the expansive LED displays inside the nightclub. These unique displays are curved along the balcony of the entire club and feature intricate three-dimensional animations replete with fluid geometry and complex environments. These visual artworks where designed to be played live by a VJ to help create an unforgettable experience.

The immersive interactive visual experience at Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas feature more than 80 LED screens that display dynamic real-time visuals, developed by V Squared Labs and Keith Lostracco’s custom Luminosity TouchDesigner framework. Additionally, Microsoft Kinect camera sensors allow patrons of the club to experience beautiful and luxurious digital environments as they traverse the space. The Kinect cameras use data to drive real-time animations using active human motion and location proximity. When visitors walk through the halls, the displays respond to their presence by exhibiting a variety of different visual effects that include swaying crystal chandeliers, reactive candle flames, and ambient falling rain. A total of 12 interactive scenes were created along with individual video systems, which allow the content to be modified infinitely.

“The primary inspiration for the interactive project was to use human motion to create an experience that felt natural and moved in an organic way. We also wanted to captivate people’s attention and draw them in by using high resolution video that accentuated the immersive experience,” says Vello Virkhaus, founder of V Squared Labs.

Interactive Visual Art Reel

Live Design – V Squared Labs Omnia Feature

Deliverables: Creative Direction, 3D Animation, Interactive Content Creation, System Programming & Installation

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