Red Bull Nightlife

Nationwide Activation

3D Animation

Red Bull in collaboration with Corso Communications engaged V Squared Labs to create their nightclub branded visuals. These custom branded visual loops were used at Red Bull festival activation’s and nightclubs around the world. The animations were also featured as part of the Red Bull flight deck at Ultra Music Festival in Miami. During the flight deck festival attendees were given a unique viewing experience in the center of the festival on a 2 story structure, surrounded by Red Bull visuals controlled by our VJ team. This experience immersed the festival audience in an interactive branded visual program which helped introduce the new flavors of Red Bull. The creative direction behind the animations was to be a build-up and transformation to reveal the core inside the can. These dynamic sequences were representative of the energy gained by consuming the beverage.

Deliverables: Creative Direction, 3d Animation, System Programming, System Installation, VJ Services

©2014 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc.

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