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RHCP Live in Hyde Park & 2004 World Touring

Red Hot Chili Peppers production designer Grier Govorko approached V Squared Labs in 2004 to create a series of dynamic concert visuals for the band. Working closely with Govorko VSL produced 13 themes of original video art, each with a specific song in mind. They were stored on an Edirol PR80 machine, a small, live VJ device that holds 14 hours of DV playback, similar to a hard drive. It’s all triggered from a MIDI keyboard run by Govorko during the show. This playback signal was independent of the I-Mag, but was available for the IMAG director to output to any screen if he chose.

The clips were a colorful collection of abstract patterns, pop art, blocks of color and more detailed themes like space, fantasy, alien planets, jungles and text messages – some of it directly related to songs, other parts were just interesting moving backdrops. The onstage video was invaluable in providing color, depth and texture in near-daylight conditions – the stage would have been very flat and mono dimensional without it.

RHCP play Hyde Park concerts

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