Renato Russo Hologram

Holographic Spectacle

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The Holographic spectacle that honored Renato Russo, the leader of the band Legião Urbana, was the first cultural event of the National Stadium of Brasilia Mané Garrincha. Hollywood director Mark Lucas was responsible for the artistic direction and filming of the show, which was broadcast live on Multishow. The holographic image projection was created by the American company V-Squared Labs in collaboration with Holition out of the UK.

The singer, who died in 1996, had his Hologram successfully projected on June 29, 2013 for the song Ha Tempos to a live audience of 50,000 fans. This was a first execution for the Brazilian concert market.

Special thanks to Giuliano Manfredini

©2013 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc.

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