Roger Sanchez Flashing Lights

Worldwide Tour

Content Creation / Touring Production / VJ Performance

Roger Sanchez’s life is a series of high-energy moments separated by flashing lights. He blinks and he is in a new country, rocking a new club, and bringing the party to a new group of fans. This is the life that Roger Sanchez has come to love, and thus the theme for 2011 is “Flashing Lights”.

V Squared Labs working closely with Roger crafted an original portable audio visual experience that Roger could tour worldwide. Utilizing touch designer we created a portable audio visual jam system Roger could trigger by iPad in his booth. The system featured dynamic AV messages, intro’s, 1 hit AV samples. The production premiered at Release Yourself 2011 at Mansion, during Miami Music Week. Roger toured the audio visual system worldwide and integrated it into his DJ sets.

©2013 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc.

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