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Retroactive World Tour

Sharam approached us to help create new concert visuals to support the release of his new album Retroactive. This new album had darker styles with throw back to a time when electronic music would have been underground, in a warehouse. Humanstudio provided us with a new logo and album artwork which helped form the look and feel of the visual creation. Photographic sequences were filmed at the US Pipe and Steel plant in Chatanooga TN to create stop motion effects. The abandoned structure provided amazing industrial elements from an earlier time, which felt related to the warehouse concept art employed. The animation art direction used trembling, static based, distortion and glitch effects to ad movement to the minimal graphic of Sharam’s new identity look. Effects were also created to form the logo and its elements out of points of light, gather them together then disperse again. This is the second project created in collaboration with Sharam to help bring his touring experience to the next level visually. The minimal design aesthetic combined with organic textures gives his DJ sets a unique visual style.

Sharam’s unique production style, along with a diverse list of accomplishments in the international charts and underground realms, has solidified him as a true non-conformist and innovator in dance music – both as a solo artist and as part of the legendary group Deep Dish. His eclectic DJ sets are a journey through sound, with razor-sharp focus to quality and obsessive attention to entertaining both purists and the unassuming. In Sharam’s mind, dance music is meant for everyone, and forward motion is only possible through cross-pollination of styles. Driving home this point is his list of his collaborators, which includes names like Chris Martin of Coldplay, Kid Cudi, Shakira, and P. Diddy, to name just a few.

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