Skrillex Cell

Mothership Tour

3D Animation / Projection Mapping / Touring Production

The Skrillex Cell was a multidisciplinary touring production that mixed 3D projection mapping and real-time motion capture for a dynamic live performance. The cell production design was used on the Mothership tour in Europe and all across North and South America. The production introduced and further expanded the human element of experiential visual art. Concert attendees were submerged in the optical illusions created from the augmentation of reality. Watching this show created true feelings of movement, on a static structure using animations.

To bring this ambitious project to life the team at V Squared Labs Collaborated closely with Production Club, Phil Reyneri, Leviathan, Mat Hale and Blood Company management. Our team brought our expertise and colleagues together to take this project to the next level. We took what we had learned from the trials and errors of the Amon Tobin ISAM show and implemented next level, real time effects for the production. The Skrillex Cell toured extensively and evolved featuring a wide range of 3D artist who created amazing animations built to augment the set.  V Squared Labs created custom 3D animations and generative, audio-reactive effects using elements of the proprietary V Squared Labs Epic 3D mapping video server.

The Skrillex Cell was made up of 14 hexagonal shapes which vary in size with the DJ located in the middle. Behind this is a giant flat surface which gives the impression of background when projected onto. The structure is around 15 by 30 ft wide and can be packed down over night to transport from show to show.

Skrillex Cell – Short Documentary

LA Weekly – Skrillex Cell

Show Credits


Sonny Moore – Executive Producer

Tim Smith – Executive Producer

Dave Navarro – Director/Art Director

Miguel Garcia Risueno – Technical Director

Corey Johnson – Producer/Production Manager

Vello Virkhaus – Consulting Producer / VFX Designer Vello Virkhaus

Mat Daly – Consulting Producer & Animator / Leviathan

Phil Reyneri – TouchDesigner Programmer

Stefano Novelli – Lead Fabricator

Peter Sistrom – VFX Designer / V Squared Labs

Mat Hale – Character Modeling & Rigging / Imag8nineteen

Jose Fèlix Lucia – Lead UDK Developer

William Kladis – UDK VFX Artist

Scott Pagano – Animator

Carlo Sa – Animator / V Squared Labs

Jaume Creus – Animator

Jordi Pagès – Animator

Emile Van De Coevering – Animator / V Squared Labs

Adam Murray – SFX Director / BPM SFX


Robert Dyar – Tour Manager

Baptiste Chavaillaz – Touring Production Manager

Phil Reyneri – System Operator

Andy Nissley – Lighting Designer

Jesse Nikette – Video Operator

David Wexler – Video Operator

Andrew Gold – / DJ Tech

Music for Promotional Purposes Only.


Thank you everyone for your support of EDM and Art!

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