Sting Sacred Love

Concert Visuals

3D Animation / Content Creation

World premiere in Paris, France at L’Olympia Theatre for the Sting Fan Club. The original design consisted of 3 vertical 16×9 screens. Gable and Kim’s initial idea was to concentrate on the new material. “For the tour visuals, we didn’t want to interfere with his longtime fans’ imagery and perception of certain songs,” Kim notes. Although songs like “Roxanne” and “Every Breath You Take” still use visuals, Gable and Kim looked at them from a different standpoint. “We tend to take a background role, or even a textural role for many of his old songs,” Gable says.

The pair concentrated on creating video for 15 out of 20 songs in the show and their unique collaboration with the team at vsquaredlabs, headed up by Animation Director Vello Virkhaus. The imagery in the animation goes far beyond texture and dance. “For some songs, like ‘A Thousand Years,’ we use abstract imagery to set a mood and create a living backdrop behind Sting,” Gable says. In songs like “This War,” the visuals are much more literal, as Russian and Chinese images from the recent past appear. The team at vsquared used period poster propaganda art from the last century for inspiration,” Kim notes. The Sacred Love tour – a mixture of trance, pop and soul – hypnotized Sting fans with its flamboyant visual effects.

The tour is a magic carpet ride of the “Kama Sutra,” forever reminding fans that it’s okay to let inhibitions loose and not turn on that red light.

©2003 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc. and Graying & Balding

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