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Tame Impala

V Squared Labs in partnership with Tandem Digital created 17 visual creations for Psychedelic Pop Group Tame Impala for their headliner performance at the 2017 Panorama Music Festival in NYC.

Our roster of 3D artists, motion designers, editors, VJs, programmers and producers burned many midnight’s worth of oil developing a visual spectacle for one of our favorite bands. As per the vision of Willo Perron and his creative staff at Willo Perron Associates, the show’s visuals are a constant dance between real time generated visuals, image-based animation and live camera-feed effects. The combination of these styles made the band onstage look like they are creating a 1960’s – 2020’s time warp. With a largely chromatic palette and many twists of both analog and digital knobs, the content playing across the 200-foot wide LED screens doused an adoring crowd with sporadic peeks at lead singer Kevin Parker’s apparition as he floated into focus, then bounced into reflections and fractals on the screen and in the minds of the super-psyched fans.

Software packages employed include: Maya, Lightwave, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Premiere, Touch Designer, Luminosity, and Resolume

Comments all over social media sang the praise of the visual show. Please forgive their over-excited use of foul language:

“Look at those f__king Visuals”

“Tame Impala’s visuals. Just look at this s__t”

“Tame Impala crushing visuals”

“The visuals at Tame Impala’s show last night were so f__king beautful”

“Tame Impala invented light & visuals these are the facts”

“A musical and visual masterpiece”

Check out some stills below:

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