The Chainsmokers

Los Angeles, CA

Experiential Design / Projection Mapping / Touring Production

The Chainsmokers Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart came to work with V Squared Labs and Director Vello Virkhaus to create an immersive touring production.

“The concept was simple — we wanted to create a distinct visual component with all the new music we were making, something you could get lost in, where you forget where you are” The set piece was named The Full Monte. This unique set dip’s its toes in many genres and is a non stop boisterously engaging way to dazzle the night. The production first premiered at Firefly Music Festival and was developed for a better part of 2015 in preparation for the fall Friend Zone tour. The design was created as a postmodern vision utilizing translucent light screens and strong linear geometric shapes.

The tour features over 30 of their friends, including SNBRN, Autograf, Matoma, Slander, Loudpvck and Ansolo, to name a few. The crowd that this tour draws is one of the friendliest we have seen and maintains a distinctly ecstatic vibe that’s hard not to get lost in.

The “Full Monte” in action:

Chainsmokers Live Kanye 2015

Chainsmokers Live @ Waterbed 2015


Billboard “The Chainsmokers Friend Zone Tour”

©2015 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc.

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