Ultra Music Festival


VJ Performance

2017 Worldwide 1 million attendees

Ultra Music Festival is one of the premiere Electronic Music Festivals in the world, showcasing amazing production and music talents from around the globe. Vello Virkhaus has been the resident VJ of Ultra Music Festival Miami and Worldwide for over 15 years. With the support of numerous visual artist collaborators Vello’s live performances have made a huge imprint on the world of electronic music and pushed the boundaries of experiential visuals. Using proprietary performance software created in Touch Designer audio reactive generative visuals have become a signature look. Virkhaus as the video director of the festival also helps book and manage VJ’s for Ultra Worldwide festivals. Korea, Brazil, Chile, Buenos Aires, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Paraguay, Bali and more all utilize V Squared Labs affiliated world class VJ’s.

The brand V Squared Labs has been included on Ultra flyers and press since some of the earliest miami only editions of the now global festival property. The name vsquaredlabs informs those in the know that the best visuals in the underground art movement will be showcased. V Squared Labs VJ’ing of this festival has been fortunate enough to garner amazing publicity and numerous press accolades in magazines such as PLSN, MTV, MTV.com, The Music Ninja, Dancing Astronaut, Miami New Times and Rolling Stone.

Selected are a series of images that somewhat chronologically display the evolution of the festival and visual imagery from V Squared Labs.

©2016 Produced by V Squared Labs Inc.

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