Tame Impala Panorama Festival

Tame Impala Mind Mischief

Tame Impala headlined the Panorama Festival the second day of three on Randal’s Island, NYC. The festival provided a completely immersive, large scale LED backdrop for our visual artistry.

Tandem Digital & V Squared Labs artists working under the artistic direction of Willo Perron, WP& A created content and camera processing effects for the duration of the live show. VJ Trypta, Keith Lostracco utilizing his custom software Luminosity written in Touch Designer layered 5k + content with extremely psychedelic camera processing, mixing time code and live manipulation of effects. The show was a huge success and very well received by the festival attendees. Thank you to our team of amazing artists that pulled this off on a very tight time schedule. An in depth project page with credits will be posted soon on the VSL site, showcasing animations, credits and live show video documentation.

Check out a few stills and audience impressions of the experience:

Tame Impala Panorama Festival

Tame Impala Panorama Festival @rachelaorlando Loved our work. Thank You!

Tame Impala Panorama Festival

Tame Impala Panorama Festival @joeyfraser95 10/10 Thank You!

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