Tame Impala Panorama Festival

Tame Impala Mind Mischief

Tame Impala headlined the Panorama Festival the second day of three on Randal’s Island, NYC. The festival provided a completely immersive, large scale LED backdrop for our visual artistry.

Tandem Digital & V Squared Labs artists working under the artistic direction of Willo Perron, WP& A created content and camera processing effects for the duration of the live show. VJ Trypta, Keith Lostracco utilizing his custom software Luminosity written in Touch Designer layered 5k + content with extremely psychedelic camera processing, mixing time code and live manipulation of effects. The show was a huge success and very well received by the festival attendees. Thank you to our team of amazing artists that pulled this off on a very tight time schedule. An in depth project page with credits will be posted soon on the VSL site, showcasing animations, credits and live show video documentation.

Check out a few stills and audience impressions of the experience:

Tame Impala Panorama Festival

Tame Impala Panorama Festival @rachelaorlando Loved our work. Thank You!

Tame Impala Panorama Festival

Tame Impala Panorama Festival @joeyfraser95 10/10 Thank You!

Visual Artistry of Ultra Music Festival 2017

Ultra Miami 2017 Main Stage Golden

Visual artists from around the world come to perform at the legendary Ultra Music Festival in Miami. The festival truly provides a highly stylized blank canvas that allows visual art production teams paired with DJ’s to deliver their creative visions. For commercial festival properties this is a unique attribute of Ultra, compared to Electric Daisy or Tomorrowland where visuals play a secondary role to the set designs and theatrical performances.

This year more VJ’s than ever before in the history of the festival brought amazing artwork to the audience. The rise of the VJ and expansion of the EDM production environment unfortunately has not yielded equal recognition for the importance of the VJ as an artist in the music business. We thought it would be cool to start featuring these artists during our tenure at the front of house control platform as the VJ remains a figure hidden in the shadows, unknown and un advertised from the general public. There is a rich pool of sale able content and artistry available to the music industry through the VJ, seeking a pathway into the visible light of its marketing and sales networks.

How to do this, and what the means of capitalization are, or even the desire to credit visual artists seems to need more development for the artform and industry as a whole.

As a tribute to the VJ’s and attempt to help inform a bit featured here in photographic form are some of the awesome VJ’s who make Ultra Music Festival an amazing visual feast.

Comix, Eye Supply, KBK, Dvizion, Visual Artform, Oriol Torres, Production Club, Strangeloop and many more talented visual artists, collectives and companies performed this year.

Please click a photo below for artist and company info:

This year on the Main Stage Vello performed live visuals for Raiden, BT, Tommie Sunshine, Robin Schulz, Mykris and DJ Nano.

DJ Raiden by V Squared Labs

DJ Raiden

Mykris has been the opening DJ of Ultra around the world, and we have had the pleasure of jamming with him.

DJ Mykris VJ Vello Virkhaus

Click the links below to check some live VJ sets by Vello on UMF TV:

Sam Feldt Live @ Ultra Miami 2017 with VJ Luke and VJ Vello Virkhaus

Dash Berlin Live @ Ultra Miami 2017 with VJ Simon Evans and VJ Vello Virkhaus

Raiden Live @ Ultra Miami 2017 with VJ Vello Virkhaus

V Squared Labs also provided a customized version of its Epic mk4 VJ software which featured an even richer chaser and perform-able effect system modified by Matt Guertin.

EPIC mk4

The entire stage was modeled and mapped in 3D with a complete spatial preview. Utilizing the chaser and edge tracing effects systems allows dual HD video capture of any guest VJ or camera source to be manipulated and remixed in real time in 3d space. Over 40 different chaser system pattern types are now utilized in EPIC unlike the software’s which our system inspired, allowing only one look.

3D Mapped Preview

Utilizing the EPIC system Vello also was able to collaborate with Simon Evans on Dash Berlin and Kygo shows, and Tchami using capture and EPIC’s chaser/edge effects.

Visual Artform and V Squared Labs

This style of VJ remixing with interactive effects performance enables artists to come in and really utilize the complex LED design architecturally in a musically responsive way.

Vello Virkhaus has been the resident Main Stage VJ for Ultra Music Festival worldwide since the early 2000’s and has inspired, mentored and collaborated with many in the growing VJ community.

Big Grams Microsoft

Ideas at the Intersection of Art & Technology

V Squared Labs team featured in several interesting videos with Big Grams.

Check out the features below.

Microsoft “Music X Technology”

Music X Technology Microsoft

Live Nation TV “Anatomy of a Show”

Live Nation TV “Anatomy of a Show”

Blizzcon 2015

Starcraft 2 World Championship Series


For the 2015 World Championship of Starcraft 2, Blizzard Entertainment again commissioned V Squared Labs to create new 3D animations and operate our real time e-Sports stage. Twenty-four 30K projectors helped make this one of the most vivid and immersive eSports stages with an incredible pixel count.

Blizzcon 2015 News


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Supporters, and Clients,


In some way, shape, or form, you all are responsible for our continued prosperity here at V Squared Labs. We sincerely thank you and wish you a lovely Holiday Season!
May this find you & yours, happy and well. Here at V Squared we are embarking on many new projects in 2014 and cannot wait to share them with you.  


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The BIGSOUND Music+Design program will run alongside the regular BIGSOUND music conference from September 10-11, and explore “the intersection of music and all modes of design – interactive, graphic design, digital, industrial design, architecture, production, fashion, and film”. Vello Virkhaus the Director of V Squared Labs will also be presenting a keynote address.



UMF Europe Visuals

Vello Virkhaus will be VJ’ing the Main Stage at UMF Europe. This is the first historic Ultra in Split Croatia.

FlashFWD Awards 2013

[title]V Squared Labs wins the Best in Live Category 2013[/title]


Big thanks to everyone at Sound Control for your support. We would also
like to thank everyone at EMGPR and all our supporters for voting.


Infected Mushroom Live At Coachella

Projects like these make me proud to be part of the V Squared Labs crew.
It’s amazing how much work everybody put in to this.

All our legendary animators where working around the clock to make this audiovisual “experience” happen.
We could talk about this for hours, but sometimes you just have to see it for your self.

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